The tennis wall is every tennis player's best friend and worse enemy. Playing with the practice wall is great to work on almost every aspect of your game, you just have to get creative. You can work on your fitness, tennis groundstrokes, accuracy and even your smash!

Farrer park tennis centre has 2 tennis practice walls.
Kallang tennis centre has 2 tennis practice walls.

Tennis Wall Drills

Stroke-specific Tennis Wall Drills

Here are a few tennis wall drills we've made just for you! We go through simple warm ups and also the four basic shots in the game. Forehand, backhand, volley and serve. You can perform all these exercises without a partner.

Tennis Lessons With Banana Tennis

We can help you analyse your tennis strokes and give you feedback to improve your play.

Classes are perfect for beginners and advanced tennis players. Fill in the form below to get started.


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