How To Serve In Tennis

The serve in tennis is the most important shot in the game. You need to be able to serve into the service box to start the point. You get two chances to serve at each point, the 1st serve and the 2nd serve. If you miss both serves, it's called a double fault and you lose the point without your opponent doing anything.

To speed up learning the serve, a professional tennis coach can help you breakdown the serve into simple steps. You will learn how to hold the continental grip, how stand, the form and technique in a systemized way. It is the most difficult basic shot you need.

The serve takes time and repetition to master, but it is well worth it! It can be a massive weapon once you get the hang of it. Watch the videos below to start learning the serve and how to practice it.

How to Hit a Tennis Serve (Beginner)

Top 5 Serve Drills without a Partner

Tennis Serve Rules

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