How to Hold a Tennis Racket

There are 4 main ways to grip the tennis racket, they are, continental, eastern, semi-western and western grips. Each grip has it's own pros and cons. Your grip of choice has a rather large influence on how you play the game. Watch the videos below to learn how to hold each grip.

Semi Western Grip & Continental Grip

Eastern Forehand Grip

Western Grip

Tennis Racket Handle

The tennis racket has 8 bevels. How you rest your hand on the handle determines what grip you are using. Have a look at the images below. The fleshy part of the index knuckle will be placed on the appropriate bevel.

Eg. On number 4 and it'll be the semi western grip. The grip is that held across the palm along the red arrow in the image below. (Do not hold it like a you would a bicycle handle)

Tennis Grip
How to hold a tennis racket

Backhand Tennis Grips

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