Tennis Forehand Technique

The tennis forehand is the most used stroke and something players will get a lot of practice with. For that reason, players should learn the proper technique and footwork that goes into a good forehand. With practice, the goal should be to not only make a successful shot, but to make it difficult for the opponent to return.

To develop a strong tennis forehand, it's best to work with a professional tennis coach. Learn the proper techniques, footwork, grips to build a strong foundation.

Do watch the videos below to learn how to perform a basic forehand shot and how to practice on your own.

How to Hit a Tennis Forehand (Beginner)

TOP 5 Forehand Drills
without a Partner

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Tennis Forehand Lessons

Tennis lessons to develop a good forehand technique is important. Since it is a shot that everyone wants to hit hard with, poor technique could lead to potential injury and maybe even tennis elbow.

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