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Nadal Forehand

Tennis Western Forehand Grip | Complete Guide

By Tennis Singapore | 18/05/2016

This extreme grip is gaining in popularity with players of all levels. The game has become much more competitive making players evolve to hitting harder and more aggressive shots from the baseline. Coupled with the advancement of tennis gear technology; rackets, strings and balls, this extreme grip became a feasible option. The Western grip can…

Tennis Semi-Western Grip | Complete Guide

By Tennis Singapore | 11/05/2016

The frying pan grip or the pancake grip, the Semi-Western grip has become one of the most popular grips today. It allows you to hit aggressively with good topspin and net clearance that allows for high consistency play. I personally use this grip. As stated above it allows for good topspin generation and forward pace…

Tennis Lessons

5 Powerful Tennis Tips for Beginners

By Itsmejoel | 08/06/2020

Picking the racquet up for the first time and hitting on the courts as a novice is an unforgettable experience. It is filled with excitement and motivation. Mastering the game or learning to play better takes some effort. Of course having a tennis coach can speed up this process. There are a few things that…

Kids Playing Tennis

Tennis Games For Kids Stuck At Home

By Itsmejoel | 08/05/2020

Tennis Games For Kids Stuck At Home Are your kids missing their court sessions? The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all indoors for the past few weeks. But does that mean that our kids have to forgo their tennis practice? Not necessarily. Let’s get our kids to practice some fun exercises that would help them…

Banana Tennis

How to Practice Tennis at Home | Simple Exercises & Wall Drills

By Itsmejoel | 04/05/2020

“Argh, I feel so lethargic!” Anyone else with me on this? The Circuit Breaker seems to have put us all in a zone of perpetual lethargy. Do you miss hitting at the tennis courts?  Or do you feel like you are losing your edge because of the lockdown? Well, not sure about you guys, but…

Kids private tennis Lessons

What is the Best age to start Tennis?

By Itsmejoel | 28/04/2020

Tennis is one of the most fun as well as popular sports across the world. In fact, as surprising as it may sound, it’s been like that for several decades! The style and class of players like John McEnroe, Pete Sampras, Maria Sharapova, Serene Williams, Venus Williams, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and others…

Tennis Lessons

How to play tennis for beginners?

By Itsmejoel | 24/04/2020

Tennis is a fantastic sport which can be played by people of all ages. If you are considering taking up tennis as a beginner, there are many reasons why you should act now and start playing. We will teach you how to play tennis both online & on court. Why Play Tennis? First and foremost,…

Beginner tennis lessons

Tennis Eastern Grip | Complete Guide 

By Itsmejoel | 04/05/2016

The eastern forehand grip, is one of the most widely used in tennis.  Although it’s perhaps not as popular as it once was, there are still professional players who use it, such as Roger Federer. The eastern forehand grip, which really started to gain prominence in the 1920’s, is relatively simple to use.  By sliding…

Tennis Coach Singapore

Tennis Continental Grip | Complete Guide

By Itsmejoel | 27/04/2016

The Tennis Continental Grip | Grip for Volleys and Serves The neutral grip or hammer grip. You will use this for the tennis serve, volley, overhead smash, slice/chip, drop shot, blocking and defensive scrambling. This versatile grip allows you to hit down on the ball to generate enormous backspin. This is the traditional grip that…

Introduction to Tennis Grips | What are the different types of grips in tennis?

By Itsmejoel | 22/04/2016

Hi all, this will be a short series on the different grips used by tennis players all over the world, so sit back and keep an eye out for more in the coming days! If you prefer video tutorials on tennis grips, check out how to hold tennis racket. Take note of the different grips:…

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