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The tennis backhand is one of the most used shots in tennis along with the forehand. But it is considerably more difficult to master than the latter. If you intend to play tennis at a good level, having a good backhand is a must.

The backhand comes in two variations - the single-handed and the double-handed or two-handed backhand. A backhand is basically the shot you play when you need to hit the ball from your non-dominant side. For right-handed players, this would mean hitting from their left side and for left-handed ones it would mean hitting the ball from the right side of their body.

What are the key ingredients to a solid backhand? A professional tennis coach will make sure you get your basics right. Technique, posture, positioning and power.

How to Hit a Tennis Backhand (Beginner)

Top 5 Backhand Drills
without a Partner

One handed backhand

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Tennis Backhand Lessons

Professional tennis lessons are available if you are looking to learn or to refine your backhand groundstroke. Be it a two handed backhand or a single backhand, we are able to teach you the stroke in simple steps. Fill up the form below to start.


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