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Private tennis lessons is the way to go, if you want to pick up the sport fast. Lessons are highly personalised to you and it's designed to help you achieve your tennis and fitness goals.

Lessons are easy to follow & step by step. We strive to breakdown complicated techniques into simple steps to optimise your learning. This will speed up your learning, which saves you time and money.

We will teach you how to play tennis in the 12 weeks programme. You'll learn the 4 major tennis strokes, how to hold a racquet, tennis rules, how to count scores, lines on the court, what tennis equipment is good for you and more.

Booking is Smooth & Easy.

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Why Private Class?

In private classes, your tennis coach's focus and energy will be 100% on you. Let your tennis coach know your goal, and he'll break down what is needed for you to achieve them.

Private classes can speed up your learning process, saving you time and money. Training drills and exercises are also tailored to you. There's no one size fit all programme because everyone is build differently.

We believe we are a team and open communication. We will provide constant feedback to help you.


Booking is EASY. Takes 2 Minutes.

100% Enjoyable Experience Guaranteed!

Tennis Lessons Rates

Enjoyable experience guaranteed

/ 4 Sessions
(1 Hour each)
Usual Price $600

One or Two pax
Undivided Attention
Location: Your Condo or Private Court

/ 4 Sessions / Pax
(1 Hour each)
Usual Price $360

Small Group Size
Fixed Schedule
Location: Your Condo or Private Court

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What to Expect During Class?

For your first private lesson, your coach will discuss with you on what you want to achieve, work on, and diagnose your skill level on court. We will personalize the lessons ahead to work towards that goal.

For beginners you will learn the four basic strokes, forehand drive, backhand drive, volley and serve to gear you up for more advanced drills as you master the basics.

For advanced players and are looking fix a shot or redevelop their fundamentals we are more than happy to be of service. We can error detect and correct possible bad habits hurting your technique, or go through advanced shots like heavy topspin, slice, drive volleys, drop shots, kick & slice serves, combination plays and much more.

You can look forward to having your coach's 100% attention to work together with you as a team to bring your tennis to the next level.


Hear From Our Happy Students

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Banana Tennis Review Ivy

International School Teacher

I am currently working as a teacher at an international school. I chose to engage with Banana Tennis because of the name. My coach is very patient and I always enjoy my lessons. I feel like I made a huge progress with my tennis skills. And I’ll definitely recommend Banana Tennis!



I found out about Banana Tennis on Instagram and decided to give it a try after reading some positive reviews. Trainings have been fun and there’s something always new to learn from the coach. It has been a truly great experience! I have been playing competitive tennis for awhile but I feel more confident with my tennis strokes now. I struggled a lot with inconsistency but in a couple sessions with Banana Tennis, I’ve made some adjustments to my swing and am happy to see significant improvement in my consistency. Would I recommend Banana Tennis to others? My answer is 2 thumbs up! 

Gareth Testimonial


I truly enjoyed my time with Banana Tennis, it has been a pleasant experience thus far. Chose to engage Banana Tennis to improve my tennis game after having not played in a while and was looking for a top quality sparring partner to shake the rust off I’ve always played competitive tennis, less so now as I’m starting to settle into my new job and it’s been hard to find a regular timing and hitting partner to maintain my level of tennis. However, with my coach's flexible timing and high level of tennis I’ve been able to find the right hitting partner. My coach is a very patient and encouraging coach. He gives good tips and advice which has helped me gain more confidence in my tennis game, and also helped me work on improving my backhand. Would definitely recommend Banana Tennis!



I have lived in Singapore since 2009 and am currently working as a engineer to develop future generation storage devices. When I first started, I googled “Singapore Tennis Lesson” and found 3 candidates whose websites are fancy, tidy, and well organized. But only Banana Tennis replied to my enquiry promptly. My experience with Banana Tennis has been good. Since I’ve only just started my first tennis lesson, I cannot make a fair comparison but overall, I’m satisfied. The curriculum is a little aggressive to catch up but my coach was willing to listen to me carefully and tune it to fit my abilities. Before Banana Tennis, Youtube was my teacher. However, on YouTube, the teacher never taught me what was wrong and how to fix it. However my coach did it and I can already feel that my stroke and volley is much improved.For sure I would recommend him, from beginner to intermediate level.


Booking is EASY. Takes 2 Minutes.

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