Kids-Friendly Group Tennis

Kids group tennis class with Banana Tennis is high quality.

We are the only tennis school in Singapore with a small group size of 4 kids, while still keeping it affordable. The reason is we do not want to compromise on individual attention. This will maximise the benefits for your child!

Group lessons are fun and simple to understand. Studies have shown that if a child learns a sport in a stimulating and fun environment, they will likely carry on this active lifestyle in their later years. This is great for their health.

Banana Tennis has built our first indoor kids tennis courts in 2021, recognizing that weather is our greatest enemy of consistent tennis training for best improvement. Come and have a look!

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Over 10 Years of Coaching Experience!

During their school holidays, we run kids holiday tennis camps!

It's an opportunity for your child to learn in a bigger group to promote social learning. All while having fun!

Tennis is also great to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Your child will pick up great tennis basics, from tracking the ball with their eyes to hitting the ball over the net.


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Small Comfortable Group Size

We look to keep our group classes size small to allow our students to have a fun whilst maintaining good teaching. We set a maximum group size of 4  (3-4 people will be ideal). This way we can give each child attention and engage everyone in the group.

Patient Experienced Coaches

Our Banana tennis coaches adopt a progressive teaching method when we coach kids. We believe is teaching them how to have fun first before teaching them how to train. We want to get kids to relate tennis to fun so that they will enjoy learning and learn better. We will adapt and tailor the pace of each lesson to fit the learning speed of the group so everyone will have a fruitful session. We don't just focus on tennis skills, we encourage our kids to try, make friends and never give up. This builds their character and confidence that only sports can give them and aid them as they grow up.

Tennis Games for Kids at Home

The fun never stops! You can play tennis games with your kids at home to help them develop their hand eye coordination and control. This is definitely boost their learning during there actual physical lessons with us.

Check our our blog on some tennis games you can play at home.

Tennis Lessons Rates

Enjoyable experience guaranteed

/ 4 Sessions
(1 Hour each)
Usual Price $600

One or Two pax
Undivided attention
Location: Your Condo or Private Court

/ 4 Sessions / Pax
(1 Hour each)
Usual Price $360

Small group (3- 4 pax)
Fixed schedule
Location: Your Condo or Private Court

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Booking is EASY. Takes 2 Minutes.

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