Sheltered Tennis Court in Singapore

Specially Made Tennis Courts for Kids!

Indoor tennis classes specially designed for kids aged 4 to 12. The new facility is located at 200 Pandan Gardens. It is fully sheltered and air conditioned, no longer are we affected by the weather!

Private and group lessons are available here. Having indoor courts allows for better comfort for our students and allows for more consistent improvement as the rain will no longer disrupt classes.

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Learn in Comfort

Our courts are sheltered and air conditioned, so that way we can have lessons all day and at a time slot that works for you. Your kids will not be put off by the heat and can spend more time learning and enjoying the session

Patient & Understanding Coaches

We welcome every child. We are excited to teach and impact the new generation of tennis players. Teaching them tennis skills, values and sportsmanship. Coaching kids requires patience and we believe in teaching them how to have fun while imparting good skills.

Open Communication With Parents

We appreciate feedback and we are happy to answer any questions you have during the session. We believe in working with parents to give your child the best tennis experience.

We have comfortable benches court side, so you can watch you kids having fun!

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(Specially for Pandan Gardens)

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Evelyn Kwek,

Managing Director, Great Place to Work Institute

My name is Evelyn Kwek and I work in a Consulting Industry. I was looking for tennis coaching for my 2 girls, 9 and 11yrs old, and I saw good reviews of Banana Tennis on social media along with the flexibility in coaching time provided played a part in my decision to engage them.

Banana Tennis provided a wonderful experience as the coaches provided were prompt, responsible and responsive. All the feedback that the coach provides after each coaching session was very detailed and helpful to my knowledge of my girls’ tennis development.My girls started out totally new to tennis but now they are able to read the bounce of the tennis ball well, rally together with the coach and hit using proper strokes.I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to others!


Joyce (Magdeline's daughter)


My coach from Banana Tennis Academy is a patient coach. He is flexible in adjusting his coaching techniques to suit the learning needs of my daughter, Joyce.  I chose to engage Banana Tennis Academy as they were friendly and professional in their services.

My girl was totally new to tennis, after lessons with Banana Tennis, she’s able to at least hit some shots over the net now.I would recommend Banana Tennis Academy to my friends because of their fun and patient coaches!

Xin Ying

Xin Ying, Student

I really enjoyed my time learning and improving my tennis at the same time. Every session was a fruitful and fun session! I chose to engage Banana Tennis because I was looking to improve my tennis game, chanced upon the website and decided to give it a shot.

Before, I was inconsistent with my groundstrokes and was poor with my court coverage. But now, with Banana Tennis, I’ve learned how to move on court effectively and efficiently while improving the consistency of my groundstrokes.

I would absolutely recommend Banana Tennis to others!


Praveen, Dad

My son has been learning from Banana Tennis for the past two months. My son is 9 years old and this was his first serious effort to learn tennis. Right from the first class, he started enjoying the coaching imparted by Banana Tennis.

The main reason was our Coach's attitude, easy demeanor and striking a rapport immediately with my son. While he stoops down to my child emotional level to bond with him, he also ensures that he gets the best out of my son and his assessment of my son’s game and capability is spot on.

I have seen a marked difference when my son started out and his current level. I have even increased my son coaching to twice a week from once a week due to the level of interest shown and he eagerly anticipates his training session. I would highly recommend Banana tennis to anyone interested.

Banana Tennis Review Joel

Karin, Joel's mum

Dear Banana Tennis Academy, thanks for assigning a great coach to my son. The coach is able to motivate and inspire him. My son enjoys his lessons with him.

Before engaging the service Banana Tennis, my son was taking private tennis lessons with a freelance tennis coach. We didn’t see much improvement after a year and a half with the coach. As such, we decided to change the coach. I contacted a few tennis schools and Banana Tennis was one of those that I called.

They were very responsive and managed to match a coach for my son within a short period of time. My son has been training under Banana Tennis for the past 3 months and I have seen great improvement.


Booking is EASY. Takes 2 Minutes.

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