How to Play Tennis for Beginners

How to do a Tennis Forehand

The tennis forehand is the most basic of tennis strokes.

When the ball is hit to your forehand side (right or left handed), players need to get their body in a position to hit the shot. The racquet then goes back, and the player will then swing through the ball.

For flat forehands, the swing should be relatively level. However, for a topspin forehand, the racquet should start lower and then come over the top of the ball. Conversely, for a reverse spin/slice shot, the racquet will come under the ball.

How to do a Tennis Backhand

The tennis backhand is another basic of tennis stroke that you need to master.

When the ball is hit to your backhand side, players also need to get their body in the proper position. Again, the racquet goes back, and the player will swing through the ball.

Players will also need to decide if they are comfortable hitting a one-handed backhand or a two-handed backhand. Many players today use the two-handed backhand because of the added, control and spin they get. Practice both types to see what feels best for you.

How to do a Tennis Volley

A tennis volley is a shot where the player hits the ball before it has bounced on their side of the court. Normally it is hit near the net but it can be anywhere. Learning how to hit a volley is critical for all players and is one of the keys to playing good tennis especially doubles.

The shot is different from the other strokes we have talked about since players usually don’t take a full swing. The shot can be taken from either the forehand or backhand side, but the stroke is much shorter. With your racquet out in front, you will take a short stroke at the ball and try to direct it in the court but away from your opponent.

How to do a Tennis Serve

The tennis serve is the most important basic stoke all players need to master! That’s how each point starts, if you can't serve you can't start the point.

Players get two chances to serve a ball into their opponents service box or they will lose the point. Normally, the first serve is the more aggressive of the two since you have two chances.

Learning to hit a hard serve and get it in is a big advantage and a great way for a player to attack their opponent. The second serve should be consistent and maybe not quite so aggressive since the goal is to make sure you don’t double fault, and you land the ball in the service box.


How to Hold The Tennis Racket

The are 4 ways to hold the tennis racquet - Continental, Eastern, Semi-Western & Western. For beginners, it's a must to learn the continental grip and semi-western grip. The right grip is important to prevent tennis elbow injury.

How to Choose a Tennis Racket

Selecting the correct racket can improve your game and reduce tennis injuries. Below we will teach you how to pick the right racket for your strength level and get optimal grip.

What is Your Tennis Level?

Find out your exact NTRP Rating


First-timer & beginner, never hold a racquet before


Able to hold a rally of 5-7 shots and know the rules


Can rally like uncle Roger & uncle Nadal

Where to Book Tennis Courts in Singapore

Tennis courts are everywhere in Singapore. You can find proper tennis courts at Condos & public tennis courts. Below you can find list of tennis centres in Singapore.

More Advanced Tennis Tips

Tennis Lessons in Singapore

The fastest way to improve in tennis is to get a coach. There's a famous saying " we do not know what we do not know".

A good tennis coach can strengthen your fundamentals, work on your weakness and make you a better player. For beginners, a coach can help you get started and answer all your questions. For kids, we have built our first indoor kids tennis courts to protect against rain and shine! Great for consistent tennis trainings in tropical Singapore.

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