Group Tennis Lessons For Kids & Adults

Kids group tennis and adults group tennis have many benefits. Group classes are also a fun way to learn with friends and have fun! Learning in a community is always more fun right?

Group classes will expose you or your child to more common tennis mistakes made by their peers, which helps them learn better. If you need one more reason, it's definitely more affordable!

In class, we will cover the four most power tennis strokes - how to hit a volley, forehand, backhand & tennis serve! Our ultimate goal is to train you or your child to rally with friends. But for a start, let's build that strong foundation.


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Small Group Class

Tennis group lessons have a maximum class size of 6 (4-6 people will be ideal). Have fun with other tennis players of similar skill level and sweat it out on court together! Our small class size makes it ideal for our coaches to be able to give you maximum attention and give you specific feedback in perfecting your tennis technique.

In the lesson, we will teach you the how to play tennis. Our tennis coaches have experience coaching all levels of players, so don’t worry if you have no experience in playing tennis – just come on down and we’ll take care of the rest. If you'd like, you can get your tennis racket before your class starts.

Patient Experienced Coaches

Banana Tennis coaches are patient and fully certified. Over the last 10 years of coaching kids and adults, we learnt the best way to help a beginner. We'll break down the strokes into simple and easy to understand steps.

In a group, players have differing skill levels, no matter how similar you may be, so you can observe and learn from players who are strong in certain areas. This is a form of closed-loop learning, where actions are positively reinforced or corrected by others’ actions. We will be covering not only be covering the physical aspect of tennis, but also expect mental tips for tennis. This makes it a really fun way to learn tennis together!

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Jadey 1 (1)

Jadey, Graduate Student

I’ve taken 4 pair classes with Banana Tennis and have absolutely loved them! His understanding of technique and unique training program have been customized to my partner and my own levels of experience, helping us level up rapidly! I had some experience in tennis but that was with more old school strokes. Now I’ve achieved more consistency and modernized some of my techniques which is great! I would absolutely recommend Banana Tennis for an easy process, unparalleled coaching, and a fun time! Thank you to the team and I look forward to completing our next 12 class bundle!


Henry, Financial Consultant, Prudential

I’m Henry and I work as a financial consultant in the insurance & finance industry. I came across Banana Tennis when I googled for tennis lessons as the process to sign up was easy and hassle-free, their replies to my queries were prompt too! The experience with Banana Tennis were great as lessons were always punctual and individual attention was given required even though it was a group lesson. I started out new to the sport but now I’m able to play and rally with a few friends. In fact, I have already recommended a few of my friends to Banana Tennis and will definitely recommend others as well!


Karunakar, Consultant, IT industry

My name is Karunakar and I work as a consultant in the IT industry. I’ve decided to engage Banana Tennis as their new concept of teaching tennis and allowing you to learn at your convenience and at your own pace by grouping people from similar locations together. My experience working with the coach provided by Banana Tennis was awesome as his approach to coaching tennis for beginners all the way from basics such as holding the racquet and how to land a proper serve made our tennis learning journey much more smooth. I’ve never played tennis before but now I can understand how it’s played and I can participate with friends who knows how to play tennis. I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to anyone who wants to learn tennis!


Dora, Student

I signed up with Banana Tennis Academy via a friend’s recommendation and it has been an appeel-ing experience thus far. The coach is friendly and very encouraging during lessons!I’ve been both a state player in Malaysia and a varsity representative in Singapore so it was nice to be able to find a someone who can serve both as a Coach and a sparring partner. I used to struggle with consistently on big points but after learning some mental techniques in preparation to matches, I feel more confident and patient when it comes down to closing out the big points in games now.I would absolutely recommend Banana Tennis to others!


Booking is EASY. Takes 2 Minutes.

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