How to play tennis for beginners?

Tennis is a fantastic sport which can be played by people of all ages. If you are considering taking up tennis as a beginner, there are many reasons why you should act now and start playing. We will teach you how to play tennis both online & on court.

Why Play Tennis?

First and foremost, you should start playing tennis because you enjoy the sport. It’s a lot of fun and you can play with family, friends and also in competitions when your game develops. Tennis will help you to get fit and remain fit. That doesn’t apply to only physical fitness, it is also great for mental health.

According to a Scientific study playing tennis shows to extend your life expectancy by 9.7 year🤯

Playing tennis can also improve social and problem solving skills and develop teamwork. These are skills which are good for tennis but they are also required to succeed in life.

How to Start Playing Tennis

For those who have never played tennis before, just like anything else new in life it can seem a little daunting at first. That’s only natural but once you start getting to grips with the basics, any nerves you had beforehand will soon be forgotten.

Before you head out and start purchasing equipment, you may wish to pay a visit to your local tennis club or academy where tennis lessons will be available. It doesn’t matter if you are 10 years old or 80 years old, they are sure to welcome you and will be more than happy to show you what the sport is all about. Banana Tennis Academy is a prime example and players of all abilities and ages are welcomed into a fun and nurturing environment.

To begin, you may be able to borrow some equipment and once you are sold on the sport, which you will be, you can begin searching for your own tennis racquet. Do watch this video on how to select a suitable tennis racquet for a beginner:

You are more than ready!

Even as a beginner tennis player, you will already have several skills in place which are valuable on the tennis court. From a young age at school, you begin to pick up problem solving skills and these are especially important in tennis. Situations such as deciding what type of shot to play or whether to run in to the net requires some degree of problem solving ability, which we all have.

Hand-eye coordination, balance and quick thinking are three further examples of skills you already possess and can easily be transferred to playing tennis. So, even if you have never played tennis before in your life, you are already one step ahead by having these skills in place. If you have experience in other sports like badminton, baseball, basketball or almost any sport, there will be aspects that will aid you in picking up tennis quickly. Plus, you know how to have fun and learn right? Well that’s all you really need to get started.

Can You Learn Tennis Yourself?

Sure, you can pick up a tennis racquet and start hitting the ball against a wall at home. You could even look at some tennis tips online and try to follow them yourself. It’s all possible and you can get up to a certain level of skill. However it’s likely you will pick up some bad habits that will be quite hard to shake off once you try to get to a higher level of play. Proper guidance from a coach can really prevent many roadblocks and accelerating your improvement especially since you are already ready to do your own research and practice on your own.

All in all the best way to learn tennis is to get a professional tennis coach at least once a week and have your own practice sessions within the week to apply what you’ve learned in your lesson.