How to Practice Tennis at Home | Simple Exercises & Wall Drills

“Argh, I feel so lethargic!” Anyone else with me on this? The Circuit Breaker seems to have put us all in a zone of perpetual lethargy. Do you miss hitting at the tennis courts?  Or do you feel like you are losing your edge because of the lockdown? Well, not sure about you guys, but we definitely feel so!

We have been working on ways to help our students and tennis enthusiasts to stay in touch with the sport. In this article, we will take you through the different things that you can do to keep yourself on top of your game right from home. This will help you maintain your tennis level before resuming your tennis lessons.

How to practice tennis at home

Indoor or backyard exercises are key to practicing tennis effectively during this period. Let’s take a look at a few such drills.

Playing against the wall

is something that everyone is familiar with. A useful tip – do not use a normal tennis ball as it can break stuff and put you in a lot of trouble. A foam ball or an orange/green dot tennis ball is a good option. Playing against the wall can help you improve your volley and increase your control. You can work on your wrist strength, focus on contact point and footwork while following this drill.

An example of playing against the wall

Shadow swings

Shadow swings are another effective exercise. This technique is particularly useful when you don’t have access to a court. Shadow swings can be performed with a racket alone. Shadow your serve and strokes, make sure you do this with intent and not just blindly swing your racket, remember, have the right mindset. You can also shadow your movement by using markers and running as if you were on the baseline to work on your lateral and front-back movements and recovery. 

Shadow swings

Bouncing the ball

You can try doing it with both your forehand and backhand. It will help you get better control of the ball and improve your wrist strength.

Be ready to hit the courts!

Practice with the mentality that you will be hitting the courts soon. This means that you need to be in good shape and cannot afford to be complacent during the lockdown. Have a daily workout routine. Do a bit of stretching, hold a few planks or put in a few push-ups. Workout within your home daily without fail.

Don’t worry! You are going to hit the courts and experience the joy of playing tennis again! During this period, let’s not think about how much of the game we are missing. Rather let’s do whatever we can to improve our game!

We are all in this together and stay safe everyone! If you like these content, we have more for you on Banana Tennis Youtube Channel.