Banana Tennis Carnival

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Introducing Banana Tennis Carnival 

We Bananas understand the importance of match experience & etiquette in the growth of our students. The common feedback we get from our students is that they are afraid of playing a match or that they have no one to play with around their standard or it’ll just will not be a fruitful experience. Also, guidance on court was required during match play was flagged out to us. WE HEARD YOU! Banana Tennis proudly presents a NEW format! We will be present for your matches to give advise and help you grow! Check out more in the rules below =)

Carnival Details

If we get enough interest, we will do it for the community. At cost price.

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* You will receive a Banana Tennis Goodie Bag + Shirt + Snacks + Drinks  (Worth $40)

What To Expect


Start of the Day

Courts, Balls and Coaches will all be prepared and ready for you

All matches will arranged for you, all you need is to focus on your match

Double Knockout format ensures you have at least 2 chances to fight for the top!


Match Play

A Banana Coach will be on court to guide you on how to play a match

The Coach will observe and take down notes on how you play

After the match, the Coach will review the match and give you pointers on how to improve



Inbetween Games

Head Coach will continue to brief and give pointers to players at the waiting area

Take the time to review your tactics and bounce off ideas on how to play better

Apply the pointers Coaches have given you in your future matches and the the improvement


Express Your Interest Below

If we get enough interest, we will do it for the community. At cost price.