Beginner Tennis Classes in Singapore

Beginner tennis lessons is what we specialize in! Also it is never too late to pick up this wonderful game. Our coaches will make you feel at ease and comfortable so that you can learn in a stress free environment.

If you're a first-timer, we would recommend private tennis lessons. Your coach will take you through what to prepare, where to book court, how to hold the racket correctly and teach you the four tennis strokes you need to rally. Lessons are step by step , so that it is easy to follow.


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How to Hold a Tennis Racket (For Beginners)

After you learn how to hold the racket properly, you are now ready to learn how to play tennis.

Get ready to learn the 4 most important basic tennis strokes - forehand drive, backhand drive, serve and volley. Fill in the form below to get started.


Booking is EASY. Takes 2 Minutes.

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First-Timer Friendly Lessons!

Build Good Tennis Foundation

During your classes, we focus quite a bit on foot work and proper technique. With proper technique, you will be able to play more efficiently and with more consistency, Also you are less likely to injure yourself with the correct basics. We will make sure you understand each particular stroke before moving on so that you get the fundamentals right first.

Stress-free Environment

Everyone starts as a beginner. Our coaches are specialized in coaching beginners, so have no fear of judgement. No one is going to laugh at you, so feel at ease on court and just try your best and have fun!

We coach in a simple and easy to follow manner, we will make sure that you enjoy your time on court as much as we do.

More Useful Beginners Tips

We have done up a blog article on 5 tennis tips for beginners. You'll learn how to judge the ball better, how to control the ball and more. Hope it helps you!

Tennis Lessons Rates

Enjoyable experience guaranteed

/ 4 Sessions
(1 Hour each)
Usual Price $600

One or Two pax
Undivided attention
Location: Your Condo or Private Court

/ 4 Sessions / Pax
(1 Hour each)
Usual Price $360

Small group (3- 4 pax)
Fixed schedule
Location: Your Condo or Private Court

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Wei Ze

Medical Student, NUS

I am currently a student studying at NUS. Being someone who wasn’t sporty to begin with, I wanted to stretch myself and learn a new sport! That was probably how I derived the motivation to learn tennis. I chose tennis because I enjoy watching tennis matches!

Overall, my lessons with Banana Tennis have been very enjoyable! On top of being highly adept at tennis, my coach has a deep understanding of the different learning styles and was able to tailor his lessons to best fit mine! Moreover, whenever we are seemingly met with an impasse, the coach was patient and would keep trying out different approaches to facilitate my learning. Most importantly, my coach was able to make the lessons enjoyable and each lesson ended with me feeling more motivated and excited for the next!
I started out as a complete novice but having been through several lessons with Banana Tennis, I was able to see some real progress. I am now more confident and motivated to continue pursuing my interest in tennis! 
I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to anyone interested in learning tennis!



Law Industry

I’m Natalia and I work in the Law industry. I chose Banana Tennis as it had a strong social media presence and provided me with prompt service in signing me up for a group lesson. It was important that Banana Tennis helped me start immediately and yet retain some flexibility with the lessons as I’ll be in Singapore for a short period of time.

I started out as an absolute beginner but now I would say that I’m above beginner with a sound forehand and volley technique, maybe more practice before my backhand gets better with Banana Tennis. For anyone looking to learn tennis, I’d recommend Banana Tennis!


Booking is EASY. Takes 2 Minutes.

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