Banana Tennis Classes for Adults!

Adults tennis classes are great for all levels of players. From beginner to advanced players, our tennis coaches will be able to diagnose and provide focused drills and exercises to take your tennis to the next level.

You can choose to get a private tennis coaching or adult group tennis coaching.  Private lessons are great for fast and personalized sessions, group lessons are great for making like minded friends and are the most affordable option. Fill up the form below to get started.

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Make New Friends

Adult tennis classes are a great way for yourself and a partner to loosen up after a long day. Tennis really gets fun once you start playing with other tennis minded people. Everyone will have a different style of play and it's always fun trying to figure out how to win and learn together.

Playing together with people from different backgrounds helps you network and build up friendships through team play and coordination. We know – we’ve seen friendships forged through our group tennis sessions!

Healthy Active Lifestyle

Tennis lessons is a great way to exercise. Working up a sweat and really hitting that ball can help to destress and get fit. Rather than just running around the track, why not try your hand at tennis as an avenue to work out and have fun.

Research and numerous studies have proven definitively that maintaining a healthy balance between our working lives and recreation is key to stress management.

It has also been proven that productivity increases if one works out regularly. Exercise invigorates the body and sharpens the mind.

Tennis Lessons Rates

Enjoyable experience guaranteed

/ 4 Sessions
(1 Hour each)
Usual Price $600

One or Two pax
Undivided Attention
Location: Your Condo or Private Court

/ 4 Sessions / Pax
(1 Hour each)
Usual Price $360

Small Group Size
Fixed Schedule
Location: Your Condo or Private Court

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What to Expect During Class?

Once you step on court for your first lesson, we'll do some light warm ups and then orientate you to the layout of the court and introduce to you the lines on court so that you will know their names and purpose.

We will then assess your tennis level, and proceed to tailor the pace and types of drills most appropriate to you.

For beginners, we will go through all the important basics; how to grip the racquet, how to stand and along the lessons we will teach you the four main tennis strokes. Forehand drive, backhand drive, volley, and serve.

As you get better, we will teach more advanced shots, like slice, topspin and how to incorporate them into match play scenarios to really learn how to apply what've you learnt so that you can play with your friends outside of class. We will also introduce the rules and how to count score in tennis.

The below short video shows you the four basic strokes, Forehand drive, backhand drive, volley and serve.

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Hear From Our Happy Students

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Chris Youn
Vice President, L Catterton Asia

I’m currently working in the Capital Market Industry as a finance and compliance officer. I decided to engage Banana Tennis to learn a new sport and it has been very helpful.

The coach made the lessons easy to understand the basic skills required and I feel that my basic tennis skill has improved from prior to taking classes. I will definitely introduce my friends who want to start tennis to Banana Tennis!


Corporate & Finance, IT Industry

I’m George and I’m working as a VP Corporate & Finance of an IT company. I Googled for a tennis coach and it brought me to Banana Tennis website which was relatively user-friendly and I decided to give it a try.

Lessons with Banana Tennis were easy to arrange and we are very happy with our tennis coach; overall experience is very satisfying! I used to be an absolute beginner and now.

I’m very happy to see that I can actually play at an advanced beginner level. My backhand used to be tragic at first but now I’ve improved and I’m enjoying the game even more. I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to anyone!


Ops Analyst, Bank Industry

Hi I’m Venetia and I work as an Ops Analyst in the Banking Industry. I decided to engage Banana Tennis because I wanted to seek coaching advice to improve my game play. Banana Tennis’s website drew me to it because it looked fun and attractive.

The procedure of getting into a group lesson with Banana Tennis was really easy as they offered flexibility, availability, location and timing.

I was probably slightly above beginner level who had trouble hitting a double backhand when I joined Banana Tennis but now I’m hitting with much more consistency thought the use of proper strokes, I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to others!

Jafni Testimonial Jared Bildfell (1)

Jared Bildfell

Hi I am Jared Bildfell and I am a Teacher recently started lessons with Banana Tennis. I came across Banana Tennis’ website when I was researching tennis Instructors in Singapore and decided to give it a go!

My Banana coach immediately picked out things that I could improve. He tailored the lesson to my ability and needs. Improvement was evident in my game after only a few minutes. He was patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging. My game improved after only one lesson.

I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to anyone hoping for some assistance with their game. They were responsive, professional, and incredibly helpful.


Booking is EASY. Takes 2 Minutes.

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