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Tennis lessons with Banana Tennis are fun & simple to understand! Perfect for first-timers & beginners.

We run our kids tennis lessons and adults tennis lessons in condos & public tennis courts.

We understand the first step is always the toughest. You may not know which coach is good, which racquets to buy, and whether you will be able to pick up the right technique. We fully get it! With over 10 years of experience coaching kids and adults, we have a system to optimise your learning.

Coaches here friendly & fully certified. We will cover the 4 main tennis strokes before moving on to advanced techniques.

Booking is Smooth & Easy.

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Kids Tennis Lessons

Kids Private

Kids private tennis lessons for kids are the fastest way for your child to both pick up the sport. We customize each training plan to suit each student to tackle weaknesses and develop sound and good technique.

Banana Tennis aims to train and educate kids to build confidence and maximize their potential. We focus on humor and teaching kids in a fun way, yet being very firm about safety to ensure a great experience.


Kids Group

Kids group tennis lessons are designed to build your child's social skills & self-confidence.

Group lessons are not only affordable, they are small in size - capping the class at 4 pax, because we believe in not compromising individual attention.

We teach them not only tennis skills, to develop their coordination and motor skills, but also develop great sportsmanship and good character traits like patience and perseverance!

Adults Tennis Lessons

Adult Private

Private tennis lessons offer working adults the flexibility to learn tennis on their own time, at a convenient location.

Private classes are the fastest way to pick up the sport. The coach’s attention is 100% on you, making each lesson highly tailored to suit you.

You may be a complete beginner, someone restarting tennis after a long hiatus, or looking for a fun way to keep fit, private lessons are a great place to start.

Adult Group

Adult group tennis lessons are a great way to get in shape, improve your game and have fun!

We keep our group classes small, with a max class size of 4 students. Banana Tennis aims for everyone to have ample attention form the coach and to have a fruitful session.

Group tennis lessons are also an affordable way for you to get started, in the exciting world of tennis.

100% Enjoyable Experience Guaranteed!

Learn How To Play Tennis

In your first 12 lessons, you will learn how to play tennis, how to grip the racquet, understand the contact point, courts layout and have a basic understanding of the game.

After which we will cover the 4 main tennis strokes - Forehand, backhand, volley and serve. Check out the videos below to get started immediately.

Learn Anywhere - Condos & Public Tennis Courts

We conduct tennis classes at condos & public tennis courts. There are tennis courts everywhere -  North, South, East and West. Choose a tennis court near you.

About Banana Tennis

Joel Siow Tennis Coach

Our passion is in coaching beginners and first-timers. Our goal is to simplify complicated methods into simple, easy-to-understand steps. You can read more about our Founder (Joel) so you'll understand where this passion came from.

With over 10 years of experience coaching kids and adults, we focus on building good habits and techniques that will last. Be at ease and trust the process we bring you through. See you on court, hitting the ball with a smile on your face 😊

For more information about our company, check out what we are doing here: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

Tennis Lessons Rates

Enjoyable experience guaranteed

/ 4 Sessions
(1 Hour each)
Usual Price $600

One or Two pax
Undivided Attention
Location: Your Condo or Private Court

/ 4 Sessions / Pax
(1 Hour each)
Usual Price $360

Small Group Size
Fixed Schedule
Location: Your Condo or Private Court

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